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Character Stats

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Character Stats

Postaj by Berta on uto svi 19, 2009 10:19 am

Osnove o statsima, preuzeto sa [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Some of the information in this article is taken directly from the
original game manual. As of Mines of Moria version of the manual there
are no details on stats provided. This article is being reworked to
update the information to comply with the current state of the game.
Any supplemental information not quoted from the game manual will be
contained in italicized notations Anyone wanting to add more
information to this article should follow the notation style. At this
time I'm not certain on retaining distinguishing between game manual
and player added content by using italicized notations. Once I have
gone over the article, and with feedback, it can be decided on the best
course of action in that regard.

Basic Stats

Each character has five basic stats: Might, Agility, Vitality,
Will and Fate. Morale and Power could also be considered basic stats.
Your initial stats are determined by your class and race. They improve
as your character gains experience (and levels). They can also be
improved by [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (p. 67 original manual p42-43 Moria manual) and items.


The higher your Morale:

  • The more damage you can take before you are defeated. (This is the green bar in your Character Vitals display.)


You use Power to trigger most of your skills; if you are out of
Power, you cannot use those skills. (This is the blue bar in your
Character Vitals display.)


This is a total of the armour value of all equipment and traits equipped on your character.

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 1 Common Defense Rating
    • 0.2 Fire Defense Rating
    • 0.2 Frost Defense Rating
    • 0.2 Shadow Defense Rating
    • 0.2 Lightning Defense Rating
    • 0.2 Acid Defense Rating


The higher your Might:

  • The higher your melee damage
  • The better your ability to block and parry attacks that can be blocked or parried
  • The better your Common (physical) damage reduction (mitigation)

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 1 Parry Rating
    • 2 Block Rating
    • 1 Common Defense Rating
    • 0.066% Damage


The higher your Agility:

  • The less often you miss with an attack
  • The better your ability to evade and parry attacks that can be evaded or parried
  • The higher your ranged damage
  • The better your chance to Critically hit a foe

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 2 Evade Rating
    • 1 Parry Rating
    • 2 Melee Crit Rating
    • 2 Ranged Crit Rating


The higher your Vitality:

  • The higher your maximum Morale
  • The more quickly you restore Morale when not in combat
  • The better your Shadow and Fire damage reduction (mitigation)
  • The better your Wound, Disease and Poison resistances

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 3 Morale
    • 7.2 Out of Combat Morale Regeneration
    • 2 Disease Rating
    • 2 Poison Rating
    • 2 Wound Rating
    • 1 Fire Defense Rating
    • 1 Frost Defense Rating
    • 1 Shadow Defense Rating
    • 1 Lightning Defense Rating
    • 1 Acid Defense Rating


The higher your Will:

  • The higher your maximum Power
  • The more quickly you regenerate Power when not in combat
  • The better your Fear resistance

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 3 Power
    • 12 Out of Combat Power Regeneration
    • 2 Fear Rating


The higher your Fate:

  • The more quickly you restore Morale and regenerate Power when in combat
  • The more likely you are to get a Critical result with your healing/casting abilities

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 1 In Combat Power Regeneration
    • 1.5 In Combat Morale Regeneration
    • 2 Tactical Crit Rating


The higher your Radiance:

  • The higher your maximum Morale
  • The higher damage dealt

  • Secondary Stat Breakdown

    • 1 Hope
    • 1% Total Morale (caps at 5%)
    • 1% Damage Dealt (caps at 3%)

Secondary Stats

The secondary stats are block, evade, and parry; melee, ranged, and
tactical critical; wound, fear, disease, and poison resistance; common,
fire, frost, shadow, lightning, and acid mitigation; in combat morale
regeneration (ICMR), in combat power regeneration (ICPR), out of combat
morale regeneration OCMR), and out of combat power regeneration (OCPR).
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.],
Agility, Vitality, Will, Fate, Armour and Radiance all contribute to a
range of secondary stats. Secondary stats are measured in ratings for
each one point in any of the basic stats. The contributions for each is
provided in the Secondary Stats Breakdown section of each basic stat


Mitigation is damage reduction of incoming damage to your character.
Your Character Journal lists your base value for each of these three
categories. However a foe whose level is higher than yours will lessen
the damage reduction.
Armour value, might, traits, and gear can alter the different
mitigations however each of these don't increase all of them. See below
for details.


Block, evade and parry all work against melee attacks. Ranged
attacks cannot be parried. A foe whose level is higher than yours will
lower your ability to block, evade, and parry its attacks.


Most attacks can have a Critical effect, but that effect varies
depending on the type of attack. Often, a Critical effect increases the
damage you inflict, but (for example), a Critical Shield Crush can
knock your foe down.

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