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Rune-Keeper Buffs

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Rune-Keeper Buffs

Postaj by Berta on uto stu 11, 2008 3:41 pm

Rune-Keeper Buffs

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* Word of Exaltation: This particular Buff is for someone in your fellowship. It is not a self-buff. It will decrease the amount of damage your fellow receives by 50% for 1 second, everything three Healing Attunements. Since you can use the skill at six Healing Attunements, the buff will last for 2 seconds. BUT the buff is increased by 2 seconds for every tier of Writ of Health on your fellow. Writ of Health will tier up to three, so you can add six seconds on to your length of the buff. Very handy in a tight spot and when know your target is going to get hit hard (such as Helegrod and Rift raids).
* Essay of Exaltation: The effects Word of Exaltation are sent to the entire fellowship with this skill. In addition to the WoE buffing effects, the entire fellowship gets a nice HoT. The minor downside to this skill is all of your healing skills' power is increased greatly for 10s. So... either limit your healing for a bit and focus on DPS or run out of power faster.
* The Fang Will Not Poison (Recipients of this Rune-word are protected from the next poisonous attack.) and The Blade Will Not Wound: (Those bestowed with this Rune-word are protected from the next debilitating wound) I have not quite used these skills a lot yet, but my understanding is that they are like the Hunter's remove poison and the LM's remove wound skills, BUT they are more of a foreshadowing type. You apply the skill in anticipation of your fellows being poisoned or wounded. Once your fellow get's their debuff, it will be immediately removed. For example, you can apply the Poison buff while fighting spiders (such as Zaudru in Helegrod) and the Wound buff while fighting wargs and other wound-ers (such as Narnublat in the Rift). Note: Both these skills Attune one level towards neutral stance. These are both AoE fellowship skills that will completely negate the coming attack.

* * The following skills are currently modified with a rune-stone with fire damage. * *

* Armour of Xxxx: Using this self-buff will increase your specific armour and damage your attacker (when attacking melee). Doesn't last for very long (long enough for probably a normal or signature mob fight), but can help give the extra damage you need. This skill will Attune three towards neutral stance.
* Weapon of Xxxx: This skill can be applied to an ally or yourself. It will last for-evah. Applying it to an ally during a fight will give them the small chance to apply a tier of Writ of Fire to an opponent, increasing the tier for you. Less work for you, just keep and eye on your target's debuffs (a very big key for DPS'ing and Healing with the RK). The skill will also cause you to lose a wee bit o' power during the entire fight, but it isn't a very significant amount. This skill will Attune one towards neutral stance.
* Fall to Xxxx: Putting this debuff on your target will give you the chance to have them receive an extra bit of Xxxx damage (fire, frost or lightning). Lasts for a minute and the cooldown is a minute. So you can keep it on your opponent for the entire fight, but do remember that you lose 1 Attunement per use. This is a useful skill to use when you are trying to switch your Attunement as well.
* Do Not Fall to Xxxx: This skill is similar to your Poison and Wound buffs. You pre-buff your Ally for the next time they are struck by a fire, frost or lightning damage skill. This is an AoE fellowship skill that will completely negate the coming attack.

Note Your Foretelling skills: Do Not Fall to Earth's Fury (element), Fang, and Blade are all AoE fellowship-wide skills that absorb/negate the next attack of that element or status effect (poison, wound). The only exception to the Foretelling skills is Do Not Fall This Day, which is single-target. The duration of the effect is 1m and the cooldown is 1m.

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